About Madina Canada

Madina Canada is the Canadian chapter of a global initiative that is built upon the foundations of compassion, education, and illumination. We currently have active operations in South Africa, USA, UK, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Mauritius, India, Sudan, among others. We prioritize the Qur’an and the authentic, Prophetic Sunnah, and we teach them through a traditional approach that is sensitive to our contemporary context. We are dedicated to meeting the social, educational, and spiritual needs of Canadians.

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Latest News

1 month ago

Live Your Love Flashbacks | Gathering of Remembrance & Book Launch

We hope you enjoyed and benefited from our latest event, Live Your Love | Gathering […]

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2 months ago

Live Your Love

Love is a journey everyone should consciously and actively take. The journey is more amazing […]

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6 months ago

Tafsir & Tea | Strengthen your connection with the Qur’an

After a long day at work, the commute home, the children’s activities, and other responsibilities, […]

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