We pray and mourn for victims of the Toronto Attack

All of us at #MadinaCanada today, pray and mourn for the victims of the #TorontoAttack! God Almighty protect us all. We will be conducting a special prayer service for all the victims this Thursday at our weekly Meditation circle at 8pm on Campus. All invited!

Love God, Love People | Event flashbacks

#MadinaCanada‘s latest event, Love God, Love People | World Interfaith Harmony Week Symposium as part of World Interfaith Harmony Week with Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain and Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson helped bring the community as a whole together. We were reminded to love everyone, regardless of their faith, race, gender, status, and more. The world is in need of love, let us do our part and show unconditional love and compassion to all.

The event also featured media coverage with ZEE TV (ZEETV Canada) interviewing the event speakers and Madina team members.

Madina Seminary Marks Anniversary of Québec City Mosque Shooting


Monday, January 29, 2018

STATEMENT: Madina Seminary Marks Anniversary of Québec City Mosque Shooting

Montreal, QC – Today is the one year anniversary of the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Québec City. Madina Seminary issued the following:

“We mourn the loss of six innocent Muslim Canadians who were murdered during their prayers one year ago. We remain horrified by this incident and extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims as they remember and honour their loved ones. We also send our thoughts and prayers to those who were injured and who remain on the challenging road to recovery.”

“The Madina Centre for Non-violence and Peace studies, joins all Québécois in marking this painful anniversary and calls on all to strengthen efforts to build a society where acceptance and tolerance prevail. Madina Seminary stands with our fellow Muslim citizens in the fight against anti-Muslim bigotry. On this solemn occasion, we reaffirm our collective commitment to combating hatred and discrimination in all its forms.”

Contact Information:
Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain,

Tel: 647-831-1631     Email: shaykhibrahim@madinaseminary.ca

Comparative Law Analysis with Fulbright Fellow J.R. Rothstein (UofT) and Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain

Madina Seminary, with Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain, is working with Fulbright Fellow J.R. Rothstein during his term as a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto to engage in a comparative law analysis regarding the role of Jewish, Islamic, and secular law in the context of real estate transactions. As an Islamic seminary in Toronto, Canada, Madina Seminary is committed to further Islamic scholarship in Canada, contribute towards important research, and provide advanced Islamic education that will benefit the masses both locally and globally.

We look forward to the results of this partnership that could be very beneficial to the Islamic, Jewish, and secular communities at large.

See the full release on this endeavor on the University of Toronto website: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/news/fulbright-fellow-j-r-rothstein-be-visiting-scholar-2017-18

Statement on the Sufi Mosque Attack in Egypt | From Our Executive Director & Resident Sufi Scholar

Mississauga, Ontario
Friday, November 24th, 2017

I am deeply devastated by today’s horrendous, terrorist attack that took place today in the al-Rawda Sufi mosque in Bir-Al-Abed, which killed and injured hundreds of Sufi worshippers.

On behalf of all Sufi Canadian Muslims, I, along with all the faculty members and students at Madina Seminary, offer our deepest condolences to the friends and families of the victims of today’s attack. We pray for a complete and rapid recovery for all those injured.

This senseless attack targeted our innocent Sufi brothers and sisters in Islam, who were worshiping at their place of worship – a place where they should have felt safe, secure and at peace.

We must all stand together against these acts of terrorism and counter hate by promoting the values of unconditional love, compassion, diversity, inclusion, and peace.

God almighty protect us all from harm.

Mosque attack brings communities closer: Peel faith leaders

The shocking incident of six men being shot and killed in a Quebec mosque has brought all communities closer, say Peel region faith leaders.

Soon after the shocking news spread, Mississauga imam Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain received a condolence message from his longtime friend and pastor of Brampton’s Heart Lake Papist Church, Dr. Terry Atkinson.

Atkinson’s message was to comfort his friend and make him realize that the Christian community is with Muslims in that difficult time.

“(The Quebec mosque shooting) was such as tragedy,” said Atkinson. “This incident has brought all faiths closer.”

Read more on Mississauga.com!

Reverend, Imam show they can walk the talk

Our event, “Where is the Love?” with Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain and Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson was featured in the Metro News print.

Imam and Pastor join forces to teach love

Madina Seminary’s interfaith event, “Where is the Love?” with Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain and Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson was featured on Metro News.

““Whether you’re religious or not, people have to know that we need more bridges. We don’t need more walls,” said Hussain, director of the Madina Institute in Mississauga.
The seminary teaches positivity through its centre for non-violence and peace.”

Read more on Metro News.

Where is the Love? | Press Release

“In light of recent events and the state of the world, Madina Seminary found it important to provide an interfaith dialogue between an Imam and Pastor. Reverend Dr. Terry Atkinson and Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain have been friends for a long time and stay in touch even outside of such events. It only made sense to bring them together for this educational and spiritual evening at Madina Seminary.

In recognition of World Interfaith Harmony week, Madina Seminary is proud to present, “Where is the Love?”, and interfaith event discussing the importance of love and unity between all. A person’s faith and background should not present itself as a barrier between others. Irregardless of these facts, we must all be united and love one another. Unfortunate events such as the shooting in a mosque in Quebec and the mosque burning and Texas highlight the importance of such events.

Madina Institute and Seminary is working to illuminate through education and compassion. We begin with compassion and through education strive to achieve illumination.”


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