Deen 4 Teens


The objective of the course is to re-kindle and strengthen the spiritual, mental, and emotional bonds between our teenagers and the Deen. In an age of over-saturation of information, different cultural norms, and a quickly changing world, it is high time that a program be offered that teaches our youth what really matters – their relationship with God and the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم .This will be done in a way that is intellectually engaging, but not taxing; it will be conducted in an open, friendly, and relatable environment. Today, our youth are struggling to maintain their Muslim identity (and belief!) in a largely secular society that not only threatens their principles and values, but also their Iman!

They are being subject to questions of atheism and other secular philosophies, which they need to defend themselves against. Furthermore, they are losing their connection with Islamic clerics because they feel they are not being understood and their cultural context is not being addressed. Therefore, this course hopes to equip them with the answers to these questions, give them a relatable environment to learn their religion in, and reattach them to the masjid, the clerics, and give them the tools to navigate this world in a sound, balanced, and Islamic way. It will be a means of fostering qualities of leadership, tolerance, conviction, hope, growth, and opportunity – inshaAllah.

Classes will run every Monday – Wednesday from 5:30PM – 7:00PM with Ustadh Dhakir Braun.

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