December 27, 2018 at 12:27 am

Live Your Love

Love is a journey everyone should consciously and actively take. The journey is more amazing than our greatest aspirations and more miraculous than our most beautiful dreams. The journey leads the wayfarer to personal liberation, whose highlights are love, forgiveness, unconditional compassion, mercy, reconciliation, hope, happiness, positive contribution and optimism, with no place at all for repression, original sin, judgment, punishment, guilt, pain, enmity, or even death.

This is not just possible, this is real and beautiful. The journey on the path of love is the elixir of an everlasting life of love. There is no shortage of love, just our willingness to embrace it with our whole heart and channel it to others.

Welcome to the world of love.

Join us for a spiritually uplifting evening with Shaykh Dr Muhammad bin Yahya al-Husayni an-Ninowy محبو العلامة محمد النينوي, Shaykh Tevfik Aydoner, and the Jerrahi Munshids featuring qasaid and poetry in multiple languages, intellectually stimulating talks, good company, and great food!

This event is completely free and is only made possible due to the generous support of our community members. If you would like to contribute towards the cost of this event, you can do so in person or on our website:

The #MadinaKids playroom is available, bring the family!

The Book of Love is a window into the journey of the wise throughout our human history such as: Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

Though the Book of Love is a book of personal reflections, each aphorism is an opener to a more intimate inner conversation.

We will have books for sale at this event with the opportunity to get your unique copy signed.


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