Part-time Usul-ud-Din Payment, $50/month

Congratulations on being accepted into the Part-time Usul-ud-Din Ijaza (Certificate) program. To finalize your registration, please pay using the appropriate payment plan below:

Notice for online students

For online students, there are two options:

1. Try to attend in person whenever possible. If a class is missed, follow along online using the provided video recordings. Any questions or concerns can be discussed amongst the class, instructors, and TAs using our online learning platform – a online collaborative platform used by the University of Toronto and other leading western academic institutes.

2. Follow the classes live using the online Madina Global platform. This platform follows the part-time Usul-ud-Din program being offered in Madina USA.

You are highly encouraged to follow number 1, and therefore, the additional price of $50/month for online students is waived if you choose to use number 1. While you may not have a livestream, the interactive aspect is still available through our online platform and if you are studying online, you may not always be tuning in at the same time of livestreams anyways. If you have already started paying and would like to use number 1, please let us know and we can refactor your payments.

For those that would still prefer to follow with a livestream, please let us know and we will set you up on the global online platform so that you can join right into the Madina USA program. Please note that you will need to catch up on missed classes using their provided recordings.


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