February 25, 2016 at 11:14 pm

Unity Through Diversity | Seminar Flashbacks

Madina Seminary in Canada was honoured to host a successful, one of its kind, interfaith seminar on Friday the 5th of February 2015, at the University of Toronto.

The uniqueness of this event was such that it was designed to inspire and introduce the concept of interfaith harmony amongst youth and young academics of all faiths.

What we identified from the feedback of the attendees was that not many youth are aware of interfaith harmony week. Hence it was a blessing for Madina Seminary to take the initiative to introduce this blessed concept that was inaugurated by the blessed and Noble Sharif, His Excellency, King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Teresa Habas was the MC for the seminar. She welcomed the diverse attendees and began by thanking them for taking the time out to attend an event in celebration and recognition of interfaith harmony week.

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain, the Imam & Executive Director of Madina Seminary, was the keynote speaker and head organizer of this event. The young scholar began by firstly talking about how he began interfaith work at the tender age of 10 and how he had the honour of reading the message of the noble Sharif, His Excellency, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal of Jordan, during the common word conference in Islamabad. Shaykh Ibrahim mentioned how it was such an honour for him to be reading out a statement at the age of 18, thanks to the invitation and inspiration of his Teacher, Allama, Dr. GR Chishti.

Shaykh Ibrahim then explained how Islam promotes unity, diversity and inclusivity, and how the Qur’anic and prophetic message is about inclusively promoting, practicing and propagating unconditional love, compassion and tolerance to the entire creation.

He also explained how we all are brothers and sisters in faith or humanity and how we are God almighty’s people. Hence we must learn to love and live with each other and practice unity through diversity.
He finished by encouraging all the young multi faith attendees to promote this blessed initiative of interfaith harmony week amongst their friends and youth circles.

The Seminar also contained an entertainment segment, whereupon a local Toronto Artist Naijawan, known as Shabaz Michael Amadeo, performed his meaningful songs on the theme of love and unity.

Following the entertainment segment was a brief Q&A session where Shaykh Ibrahim took questions from all the attendees.

To conclude the seminar, MC Teresa Habas, thanked the youth attendees, Scholars, Faith leaders and members of all faiths.

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